Science Resources

Science Activities

Here are some SMART Notebook and other files we have used with our kids on the SMARTboard.

Apple ABC Order

Apple Colors

Bubble Gum Lesson

Car Wash

Colored Timers

Condensation Lesson

Educational Diagrams

Elephant Fact/Questions Sheet

Elmer Template

Elmer the Elephant sample

Gobstoppers Lesson

Gobstoppers Graph

Gobstopper Lab Sheet

Gobstopper Circle Lab Sheet

Gobstoppers Scientific Method Power Point

Insects Daily Report

Insect Lab Lessons

Introduction to Mammals Lesson

Inventions Jeopardy Game
Living-Nonliving Quiz
Mammal Sort

Mixtures NOT Messes Lessons

Mystery Liquids Lessons

Nocturnal Animals Intro
Penguin ABC Order
Penguins Galore

Penguin Body Labeling

Penguin Power Point Template
Plants Jeopardy Game
Pumpkin Face Graph

Pumpkin Week Lessons

Radio-iPod Venn Diagram
Reptiles Introduction
Science Vocabulary Quiz

Scientific Method Mini Labels

Ten Apples Up on Top

Water Beads Experiment Lesson

Wind Wand Lesson

Here is a link to more science lesson worksheets you can use.

Below is a list of links to sites we have found useful for locating various resources.

Science Links

Apples for the Teacher – mammal section
Astronaut Biographies: Home Page
BBC - Schools Science Clips
Bizarre Stuff- Easy Experiments
Black Scientists and Inventors
Cam Zone Streaming
Defenders of Wildlife - Kids' Planet
Drippy the Raindrop – the water cycle
ExploreLearning - Interactive Math and Science Simulations.
First Grade Zoo Web Quest
FOSSweb - Solids and Liquids
HowStuffWorks - Google Video
Human Anatomy Online
Kids Water Zone
Index of Women Scientists: "The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences."
Lawrence Hall of Science Interactives - mammals
Mop Top the Hip Hop Scientist
Open Wide and Trek Inside
Pebble Go
Penguin Web Cam
SDSC: Women in Science
SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS
Silly Billy's World, Lesson Plans, Ocean Topics
The Electronic Zoo
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.
Try Science- Live Web Cams
Weather Bug
Web Weather for Kids
Women's biographies: Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Women Exploring the Oceans
Zoobooks Magazine